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About Aspen Glo Kennel

In 2003 we bought our first Wirehaired Pointing Griffon from Black River Kennel. We brought home the smallest female in the litter Black River Destiny "Belle". Belle has been my best friend since that day. We spent hours and hours of training, hunting, and run woods of Wisconsin.


Belle is the definition of a Griffon. She is loyal, friendly, a quick learner and above all a great hunter. In 2006 we bred Belle to one of the best male Griffons in the US, VC Anton of Geneva Lake " Spike". That "A" litter produced some outstanding dogs including two corner stones of our breeding program, Jack and Libby.


My wife and three kids are a BIG part of our success in breeding Griffons. They are great socializing tools for the litters of pups and they are truly in love with the breed.


We have been very active in Navhda (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association). We feel that the Navhda testing system is one tool to help decide on which dogs will be in our breeding program. We also have been awarded Navhda Natural Abliltiy Breeders Awards for all of our litters. This proves that we have made good dogs and put them in the hands of good owners.


Our Goal is not to make alot of pups, but to make the best pups we can. We take careful consideration in picking breeding dogs and ONLY place them in the best homes we can.

It's never about me or the kennel its about the dogs!!

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