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The time has come to reap your rewards of hard work !!

So you have been working with your pup all summer. Many hours of walking fields and planting birds some good runs and some set backs. After all the work you and your pup have done it's time to get into the woods and do what that pup was bred to do HUNT !

Here is what you should have done with your pup before hunting begins:

The pup should have established it's point on birds. This may be influenced on your pups age and tempernment, but it should show signs of pointing. Introduction to gunfire is vital before you go out in the woods or field. I also like to see a pup get introduced to a beeper or bell, this is essential for finding your pup in the woods.

When you start hunting with your pup keep it simple ! I like to see young dogs taken on short hunts, gradually working up the duration as the dog shows increased search. Dont'

shoot any birds that your pup does not point and let the pup be a pup. Make it a fun experience and you will have years of memories with that pup !!

It's fall get in the woods !!

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