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Two young Griff's on a great October day...

2017 had been a tough grouse hunting season so far. We had a average luck this year hunting grouse and woodcock. I had Gracie and Ellie that wanted to get on birds on there first real year hunting. Birds were tough to find, either we found alot of birds or none at all, making it tough to get alot of contact for the young dogs.

On this late October day we had been hunting hard when we found a new spot that looked promising for woodcock, which is what I really wanted for the young dogs. I decided to take the two young dogs at it was going to be the last hunt of the day. We hit the cover and Gracie went on point quickly on a woodcock that held until I got close but didn't present a shot. Later she pointed at a log and as I approached I was thinking it was a grouse and it was. As I shot and it dropped I was so happy that this was Gracies first grouse of the season and she did very well on it. We scooped it up and continued to hunt.

As we continued Ellie's collar went off and I made the trek to find her and when I came in she was on point. I walked in a up goes Mr Woodcock, I was so excited about her point I almost forgot to shoot. I pulled the gun up and connected on the bird. Ellie ran over picked it up and ran over to my hunting partner and gave it to him....thanks Ellie !

We started to push back toward the truck as I was happy with the end of the day. About 75 yards from the truck I walked into a clear grassy area and saw Gracie was pointing and then it happened. The grouse came up and as I pulled the trigger the second one came up a went the other direction, I swung on that bird and pulled the trigger....OMG a double, I just shot a double. I reloaded quickly like I always do and then the third bird came up, there were three birds in one spot. I just smiled as I watched the third bird fly off, thinking that Gracie just pointed a triple !! Wow !!

As Gracie brought the first grouse back to me she looked so proud with that bird in her mouth. I took it from her and gave a her a quick hug. Then I my thought was on finding the second bird, so we were off looking for it. We looked and looked and were having no luck until I heard Ellie's bell as she approached me and as I looked down I saw she had the grouse in her mouth. Ellie found the second bird. Great team work girls !

As I got back to the truck I was thinking that all the hard work in the summer really does pay off. I also thought that I'm going to have some good years of hunting with these young dogs.

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